Human Rights

Supply Chain Training Results

Since 2016 “Pontes Para o Crescimento” undertakes initiatives designed to empower those who work in the extraction fields, encouraging better working practices, health and safety, and opening up educational opportunities.


78 Events
258 Lectures
+4.000 Trained Workers
+23.500 PPEs distributed
+11.300 Booklets distributed

Outcome of 7 years of activities

More conscious workers on the use of PPE.
Emergence of new producers after the activities, proving the potential of training as a tool for economic development.
Trained participants of the previous year programmes replicated the knowledge they gained, motivating the interest of new rural workers.
Local producers are well-informed and more active in decision-making.
Improvement on their income and quality of life.
More transparency in supply chain.
More conscious workers on their rights and duties.
Greater awareness of the importance of carnauba preservation and its social environment.

Benchmarking Brasil

Pontes Industria has been awarded Benchmarking Certification for the Programme Pontes para Crescimento by Benchmarking Brasil, and joins the roll of 2019 Brazil’s Best Socio-Environmental Practices. Pontes was selected for Certification under Goal 8 (Decent Work & Economic Growth) of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Pontes Industria is working for real change

Seventh Year of Activity

In its seventh year of the programme Pontes para o Crescimento, Pontes shows once again its commitment to the carnauba community and Caatinga biome, all through the execution of a wide range of hands-on activities.

Pontes’ Team

Socio-educational lectures are taught by a qualified multidisciplinary team, including: Health and Safety Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Agricultural Engineers, Food Engineer, Labour Lawyer, Quality Control Managers, Social Responsibility Team and First Aid Professionals. Its diversity of professionals strengthens even more our work.

Maximum Participation and Impact

The “Pontes Para o Crescimento” team is meeting with the workers in the fields of Ceará, Piauí, Maranhão and Rio Grande do Norte States, facilitating the participation of a greater number of people involved in the carnauba wax extraction.

Pontes has been working together with the Brazilian Ministry of Labor (MPT) since 2016 in order to combat any form of slave labor. The programme is an extension of this work, which aims the empowerment of workers by increasing their awareness on their social importance as the only way to promote real change.