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Project to Promote The Regularization of Carnauba Powder Extraction Machines and Training

Pontes has been incessantly investing in technical studies of how to adapt carnauba extraction machines to bring them into line with today’s safety-focused production best practices. A practical result of the Pontes’ initiative is the publication of the first handbook of good manufacturing practices specifically for Carnauba powder extraction machines in 2019. Since then Pontes has been carrying out several training sessions for rural workers and producers in the production chain on this matter. This initiative reinforces the company’s commitment to investing and disseminating best practices in the carnauba production chain.

In 2022 UEBT invited Pontes to join UEBT and GIZ to reinforce the importance of extraction machine owners to carry out the necessary procedures to regularize their machines, in accordance with the relevant Regulatory Norms and consequently guarantee the health and safety of workers. More than 270 people were trained in 4 events in the cities of Campo Maior, Parnaíba, Granja and Russas. Several machines were adapted in accordance with NR12 and NR31 as well as EPIs were distributed to support safety of workers.