Sustainability Report

In this past year, we’ve continued to show our dedication, hard work, and innovative approaches to protect our people and the environment, create equitable solutions, and drive broader change within the industry and our communities.


Achieved carbon neutrality in our operations.
Developed a GHG reduction roadmap for key suppliers.
Powered all facilities with renewable energy source by the end of 2023.


Increased our partnerships to scale up the positive impacts and deliver long-term results in the sustainable development of carnauba rural communities.
Distributed more than 22 tons of cleaning products and food to 62 communities extremely affected by COVID-19 pandemic. In total, more than 9,600 people were benefited.


Developed an innovative and efficient method of reducing the impact of an invasive vine called Cryptostegia madagascariensis that has caused widespread economic and social damage in the carnauba’s production chain, as well as incalculable environmental losses.
Pontes’ sustainability summary aims to provide stakeholders with a clear overview of Pontes’ position and activity across environmental, social, and governance (ESG). Contact us for more information.
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