Certifications, Verifications and Seals



Pontes Industria guarantees our product as organic Carnauba wax of the highest quality available in the market.
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Bioethical Carnauba

The Bioethical Carnauba Seal – BCS is reliable and transparent, with a rigorous and high-standard system to monitor compliance and continuous and sustainable improvement of the supply chain.
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Benchmarking Brasil

Our actions to improve conditions of work have become a reference of social responsibility in the sector of carnauba.
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Quality & food safety policy

Pontes Industria has implemented the following quality & food safety policy:

1. Eliminate or reduce the physical, chemical and biological risks that may exist at all stages of the process.

2. Meet all statutory and regulatory requirements for quality and food safety applicable to the product.

3. Ensure continuous implementation to the process and product improvement through the Management System to ensure Quality & food safety policy Ensure customer satisfaction.