Through our Institute Pontes para o Crescimento (Bridges for Growth) we promote initiatives designed to protect and advance the human rights and living standards of those working in the Carnauba supply chain, and to encourage the development of the rural communities of our region. Institute Pontes para o Crescimento also focuses on support and protection of the Caatinga Biome.

Our commitment to socio-environmental responsibility has resulted in our being recognized internationally as a benchmark of sustainability in the sector.

Climate Action

Climate change is a real threat that must be address now. Through reforestation, conservation areas, environment education and green energy, we protect the biodiversity of the region and fight against climate change.
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Human Rights

Pontes believes passionately in sustainable production, in advancing the human rights of workers in the Carnauba wax community, and in nurturing the transformation and economic development of that community.
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We protect the biodiversity of our Caatinga Biome, ensuring that future generations have the right to a healthy and ecologically balanced environment.
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Research & Development

Our research centre was created to generate solutions to environmental problems, develop sustainable technologies, incentive to rural extension programs and open space...
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Raise Living Standards

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Portal do Trabalhador

Preparamos uma série de videos curtos para orientar os produtores e trabalhadores rurais do extrativismo da Carnaúba sobre as medidas de prevenção do coronavírus...
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Socio-environmental Certifications

Pontes is the only Carnauba wax manufacturer to hold 15 certifications.
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Sustainability Report

In this past year, we’ve continued to show our dedication, hard work, and innovative approaches to protect our people and the environment, create equitable...
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Here are available for download all our work of booklets, folders and research.
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