Through our Institute Pontes para o Crescimento (Bridges for Growth) we promote initiatives designed to protect and advance the human rights and living standards of those working in the Carnauba supply chain, and to encourage the development of the rural communities of our region. Institute Pontes para o Crescimento also focuses on support and protection of the Caatinga Biome.

Our commitment to socio-environmental responsibility has resulted in our being recognized internationally as a benchmark of sustainability in the sector.

Pontes reformulated its Sustainability Pilars to organize all initiatives in this regard in 3 relevant areas of impact, crossed by 2 transversal axles. This way, embracing the concept of True Transparency, Pontes offers more clarity and comprehension about its Sustainability Performance and Impacts.

Carbon Neutral & Circularity

Our processes for the Planet's Decarbonization.
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Conservation & Restoration

The company works with science and technology to safeguard the genetic heritage of Caatinga’s biodiversity.
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Human prosperity and Community Development

We guarantee not only human rights, but also the prosperity and social well-being of the local communities.
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Portal do Trabalhador

We share important information, offering our continuous support to carnauba supply chain.
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Sustainability Report

We’ve continued to show our dedication, hard work, and innovative approaches to protect our people and the environment.
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Knowledge Hub

In this platform, we share our work dedicated to carnauba supply chain, local communities and scholars. Download for free all our booklets, folders and researches.
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