Pontes Carnauba Biowax


As the best Carnauba wax supplier in today’s market, we are proud to introduce our range of naturally sourced and sustainably produced products – some of the very best Carnauba wax products in the market.

Carnauba wax, the “Queen of Waxes”, is a hard wax of vegetable origin, extracted from the leaves of the Carnauba Palm. It is natural and sustainable, and has a wide variety of uses. It is manufactured commercially in several grades, which labelled T01, T03, and T04.

Pontes Industria manufactures a full range of Carnauba wax products suitable for all kinds of industrial and manufacturing application. Our products are distributed globally under the Pontes brandname, and are recognised as amongst the very best Carnauba products available – as well as being the most highly trusted fully certified Carnauba wax products available.

Type 01 - Extra Light

Test: Specification

Origin: Prime Yellow Powder
Moisture: 0.50% max
Saponification Value: 78 – 95 mg KOH/g
Acid Value: 2 – 7 mg KOH/g
Melting Range: 80 – 86 °C
Insoluble Impurities: 0.20% max.
Volatile Matter: 0.60% max
Ester Value: 71 – 88 mg KOH/g
Heavy Metals: 20 ppm max
Colour: Yellow (2 – 4 Gardner Scale)
Particle Size: 95.0% – pass through 140 mesh

Considered by many the best Carnauba wax for cosmetics, high-quality polishes, coatings, and lubricants.

Our Type 01 – Extra Light Carnauba Wax is amongst the best Carnauba wax in the market, offering remarkable purity and exceptional quality, making it suitable for a diverse range of applications. This grade of wax features a low moisture content (maximum 0.50%), ensuring it has a stable and consistent formulation. Its saponification value of between 78 and 95 mg KOH/g means its amongst the very best Carnauba waxes for applications calling for excellent emulsifying properties. The wax’s acid value of between 2 and 7 mg KOH/g, again make it amongst the best Carnauba wax products for use in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals where mild acidity is beneficial.

With its melting range of 80 to 86 °C, this superb natural wax also provides optimal thermal stability for industries such as food packaging and automotive detailing. Furthermore, its low levels of insoluble impurities and volatile matter guarantee a clean and reliable product. Coloured a soft yellow, and finely processed to 95% passing through 140 mesh, Type 01 will often prove the best Carnauba wax to use in high-quality polishes, coatings, and lubricants, where smooth, consistent application is crucial.

Type 03

Test: Specification

Origin: Straw Powder
Moisture: 0.50% max
Saponification Value: 78 – 95 mg KOH/g
Acid Value: 2 – 7 mg KOH/g
Melting Range: 80 – 86 °C
Insoluble Impurities: 0.20% max.
Volatile Matter: 1.00% max
Ester Value: 71 – 88 mg KOH/g
Heavy Metals: 20 ppm max
Colour: Orange Yellow (7 – 10 Gardner Scale)
Particle Size: 95.0% – pass through 140 mesh

A high quality natural wax ideal for premium polishes and cosmetics.

Our Type 03 – Carnauba Wax provides robust performance across a spectrum of applications, showcasing our deep commitment to quality and sustainability. Amongst the best Carbauba wax products in the market, this natural wax maintains the low moisture content essential for preserving its integrity and effectiveness in end products. It also mirrors the saponification and acid values of our finest grades, ensuring its versatility in both industrial and consumer products. The melting range, stable at 80 – 86 °C, means this certified Carnauba is amongst the best Carnauba wax choices for uses that demand high thermal resilience such as automotive waxes and food-grade coatings.

The lower volatile matter content……. remains consistent with Pontes’s rigorous standards for purity and performance. With an ester value ranging from 71 to 88 mg KOH/g, Type 03 is particularly effective in varnishes and protective coatings, providing a durable, glossy finish. The wax is distinguished by its orange-yellow colour (rated 7 to 10 on the Gardner Scale), which enhances its aesthetic applications. The fine particle size, with 95% passing through 140 mesh, ensures a smooth application, making it amongst the best Carnauba waxes for premium polishes and cosmetics, where uniform consistency and quality are paramount.

Type 04 – Filtered

Test: Specification

Origin: Straw Powder
Moisture: 0.50% max
Saponification Value: 78 – 95 mg KOH/g
Acid Value: 2 – 7 mg KOH/g
Melting Range: 80 – 86 °C
Insoluble Impurities: 0.20% max.
Volatile Matter: 1.00% max
Ester Value: 71 – 88 mg KOH/g
Heavy Metals: 20 ppm max
Colour: Brown
Particle Size: 95.0% – pass through 140 mesh

A beautiful, certified Carnauba wax, perfect for premium wood polishes and leather treatments.

Our Type 04 – Filtered Carnauba Wax combines the foundational attributes of our finest certified Carnauba waxes with distinctive aesthetic qualities which make it amongst the best Carnauba wax choices for applications where both performance and visual appeal are key. This certified organic wax ensures minimal moisture content of 0.50% maximum, ideal for maintaining product consistency and quality across a wide range of uses. With a saponification value of 78 – 95 mg KOH/g and acid value of 2 – 7 mg KOH/g, it is one of the best Carnauba waxes available for blending and emulsifying in complex formulations.

The wax’s melting range (80 to 86 °C) aligns with the other high-performing Pontes grades, making it ideal where a balance of thermal stability and ease of application are required, such as in the manufacture of adhesives and cosmetics. Type 04 – Filtered  wax maintains our commitment to purity, with maximum levels of insoluble impurities and volatile matter limited at 0.20% and 1.00%, respectively. The rich brown colour of this certified Carnauba wax provides a natural and appealing look, essential for crafting premium wood polishes and leather treatments where the colour enhances the product’s aesthetic. Like our other grades, its particle size (95% passes through 140 mesh) ensures a smooth and even application. One of the very best Carnauba waxes available.

Type 04 – Centrifuged

Test: Specification

Origin: Straw Powder
Moisture: 1.00% max
Saponification Value: 78 – 95 mg KOH/g
Acid Value: 2 – 7 mg KOH/g
Melting Range: 80 – 86 °C
Insoluble Impurities: 0.50% max.
Volatile Matter: 1.30% max
Ester Value: 71 – 88 mg KOH/g
Heavy Metals: 20 ppm max
Colour: Dark Brown

Quality centrifuged Carnauba wax with enhanced purity and performance, for both industrial and artisanal use.

Our Type 04 – Centrifuged Carnauba Wax is designed to meet the needs of applications requiring a top quality Carnauba wax with enhanced purity and performance characteristics. This quality Carnauba wax variant features a maximum moisture content of 1.00%, slightly higher than our other grades. This helps in applications where a little more flexibility is needed. It maintains the same saponification and acid values as our standard offerings, making it a popular, high-quality Carnauba wax for both industrial and artisanal uses.

The melting range is consistent (80 to 86 °C), ideal for applications such as cosmetic creams and food coatings which require a dependable melt profile. This centrifuged product allows for a higher amount of insoluble impurities and volatile matter, and so accommodates processes where these factors are less critical but where enhanced filtration and purity are valued. The ester value makes this quality Carnauba wax amongst the best Carnauba wax products for use in sophisticated chemical blends.

Distinguished by its dark brown color, Type 04 – Centrifuged is particularly suitable for high-quality industrial polishes and finishes where the colour can complement or enhance the aesthetic of the treated material. Its consistent particle size, (95% passing through 140 mesh), ensures a smooth, uniform application across all uses.



How Pontes extracts and refines carnauba wax

The Copernicia Prunifera, the palm from which Carnauba wax is extracted, grows along rivers, valleys, and lagoons in the Brazilian Northeast, Sri Lanka, Africa and some other South-American countries.

However, it is only in Brazil, where Pontes Industria is based, that the tree is capable of producing wax.

The leaves of the Copernicia are cut during the harvest, which takes place between August and December.

The cutting is harmless to the environment and does not jeopardise the wellbeing of the palm trees. This is of primary concern for us at Pontes.

Only old leaves are cut, and new foliage then grows in time for the following harvest.

A fine powder is first produced from the leaves. The Carnauba wax is then extracted from the powder and refined, following which it can be formulated into its commercial presentation.

The quality and colour of the wax are determined by the age of the Carnauba leaves used.

At Pontes Industria, the entire process, from the selection of the raw material through to its delivery to its final customer destination, is monitored meticulously by our Quality Control team.


Pontes produces premium grade Carnauba products suitable for every kind of industrial and manufacturing application. Our expert team are always ready to discuss technical requirement and advise on suitability. Some examples of applications in different industries:

Cosmetics Industry

It is used for lipsticks, balms, ointments, protective creams, lotions, mascara, foundations, among others. It is highly used in this industry because of its properties of: non-gelling thickener, viscosity and consistency enhancer, emollient and moisturizer. It provides good texture and stability due to high melting point.

Food Industry

It can be used in chocolates, chewing gum, fruits, soft and hard candies, fruit snacks and bakery, for example. Its functions include: glazing agent, release agents, hardening agent, shiny coating, among others. Carnauba wax prolongs duration, colour and shine.

Packaging Industry

It is widely used in boxes, bags, sheets to protect food from water, vapours, odours and oxygen. Carnauba wax is non-toxic, tasteless and odourless. It is a very stable material.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry uses carnauba wax in many of its tablet coatings and binding. Since carnauba wax is made mostly of fatty acid esters, it allows you to swallow tablets easily and is a non-toxic and safe ingredient. It is also used in gel, ointments, among others.

Thermal transfer ribbons Industry (TTR)

It adds an excellent stability, allows the ink layer to melt quickly and flow evenly, has exceptional resistance, improves durability against water and provides extraordinary print clarity.

Carbon paper and printing ink Industry

Carnauba wax is used in the formulations of the wax foundation of carbon papers. Sometimes described as the “life-blood” of the Carbon Paper Industry.

Leather Industry

It is used for leather coating and preservation, so that leather clothing and leather handbags with dazzling lustre. It can also be used as a base material for leather polishing and leather oil.

Automotive Industry

Carnauba wax has been a major additive in car waxes for many years. Mainly due to its natural hardness and the warm lustrous glow it can give to well-prepared vehicle paintwork. It goes into compounds for giving a weather-resistant, lustrous coating to cars, lorries, buses and trains. It is highly used for vehicle maintenance.

Electronic industry

It is used for the impregnation agent of insulating materials and capacitors as well as for the composition of the battery box, coatings and impregnators for durable wires and cables.

Others applications

Floor Polishing Wax, Furniture Polishing Wax, Varnishes / Lacquers, Phosphors, Coating of Cans, Lubricants, Textile Coatings, Dental Wax, Model Flowers and Fruits, Dehydrated Vegetables, Dry Batteries, Photographic Films, Pencil of Wax, Paints, Graphic Pencils and match.