The Carnauba Leaders


Pontes Industria is Brazil’s oldest and best known manufacturer of Carnauba Wax. We are the world’s foremost producer of top quality Carnauba products, leading the industry in manufacturing standards and technical innovation.

Alongside our commercial enterprises, Pontes Industria is pioneering the social and economic development of the communities whose livelihoods, along with our own, are sustained by Carnauba.

From plantation to consignment, every step of the Pontes Industria manufacturing journey is certified as traceable and sustainable.

Four generations of Carnauba manufacturing and care.


Leader in the industrialization and commercialization of Carnauba wax, Pontes Indústria de Cera is the oldest and best known manufacturer of Carnauba wax. The company is a member of Pontes Group, and remains a family-run business for more than 60 years after its foundation.


Carnauba wax, also known as queen of waxes, is of a vegetable origin, natural and sustainable product with a wide variety of uses.


Pontes Indústria engages in practices that protect natural resources, conserve biodiversity, and only use approved substances. Pontes chooses to promote a better world by working to protect the environment.


Pontes Industria is the only Carnauba Wax Manufacturer to hold 13 certifications.

Our Brands

The Pontes’ brands, Starlight and Prime, are recognised as hallmarks of quality and performance.

United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Pontes works towards the improvement of people’s lives and prosperity on a healthy planet. We mobilize efforts to build a sustainable future for all.