“Ensuring Bioethical Sourcing for Carnauba Wax.” “Our sustainability programmes address the needs of the most vulnerable people in the northeast of Brazil and the protection of our Caatinga biodiversity. We believe in affordable and simple solutions." Our commitment to a better world has led us to the Vegan Certification and Pontes’ carnauba wax receives the vegan label from “Associação Brasileira de Veganismo”. The first Carnauba Wax Manufacturer to receive Certification from UEBT that assures its local Sourcing of Carnauba wax complies with the UEBT Ethical BioTrade Standard.

The Carnauba Leaders

Pontes Industria is Brazil’s oldest and best known manufacturer of Carnauba Wax. We are the world’s foremost producer of top quality Carnauba products, leading the industry in manufacturing standards and technical innovation.

Alongside our commercial enterprises, Pontes Industria is pioneering the social and economic development of the communities whose livelihoods, along with our own, are sustained by Carnauba.

From plantation to consignment, every step of the Pontes Industria manufacturing journey is certified as traceable and sustainable.


Carnauba wax, the “Queen of Waxes”, is a hard wax of vegetable origin, extracted from the leaves of the Carnauba Palm. It is natural and sustainable , and has a wide variety of uses. It is manufactured commercially in several grades, which are labelled T1, T3, and T4.

Pontes Industria manufactures a full range of Carnauba wax products, suitable for all kinds of industrial and manufacturing application.

Our products are distributed globally under the brandnames Starlight and Prime.


Our actions on improving work conditions have become a benchmark of social responsibility in the carnauba sector.


Pontes Industria engages in practices that protect natural resources, conserve biodiversity, and only use approved substances. Pontes chooses to promote a better world by working to protect the environment.


Pontes Industria is the only Carnauba Wax Manufacturer to hold 15 certifications.


Alternative techniques and estimated cost to control the Cryptostegeia madagascariensis Bojer ex Decne.


The Pontes’ brands, Starlight and Prime, are recognised as hallmarks of quality and performance.