Climate Action


Brazil’s forests are vitally important to sustaining life on Earth, and our reforestation programme forms an essential part of our initiatives to combat climate change, with our nursery providing seeds and seedlings of more than 30 native species for the reforestation of degraded areas.


We have built a seed bank with more than 30 native species from the Caatinga biome. It helps in the conservation of genetic biodiversity, providing seeds for the production of seedlings. Our seeds are collected from several matrices of species under threat of extinction and also species that are attractive to fauna, selected from different parts of the Caatinga.


Our seedlings are produced under rigorous organic and eco-forestry procedures. They are produced respecting ecological interactions, avoiding plastic materials and using water rationally.

Seedling distribution

One of our specific initiatives has been the distribution of seedlings. Besides donating the seedlings for individual and institutions, we also exchange knowledge, pass on information about the importance of forests and the necessary care to accelerate healing of forests.

Reforestation activities in degraded areas

Reforestation of degraded areas is an essential part of our activities. It is done by our team and through partnerships which enable us to reach many regions of our Caatinga biome. Reforestation promotes carbon sequestration, helps to maintain genetic biodiversity, aids to reduce soil erosion, protects and restores the aquatic ecosystems.

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