Climate Action

Climate change is a real threat that must be address now. Through reforestation, conservation areas, environment education and green energy, we protect the biodiversity of the region and fight against climate change.

This issue relates to the following Sustainable Development Goals


Brazil’s forests are vitally important to sustaining life on Earth, and our reforestation programme forms an essential part of our initiatives to combat climate change, with our…

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We have our own conservation areas of more than 500 hectares. Conservation is extremely important to mitigating climate change because of the carbon stores contained in unspoiled land…

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Environmental Education

Our Environmental Education Programme connects rural communities of Northeastern Brazil and everyone around the world with our Caatinga. It creates awareness of the issues…

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Green Energy

Solar energy is both renewable and sustainable. A renewable energy source is one that does not become depleted as we use it. Using renewable energy from the sun…

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