We protect the biodiversity of our Caatinga Biome, ensuring that future generations have the right to a healthy and ecologically balanced environment.

This issue relates to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Cartilha da Biodiversidade da Caatinga Download

Domingos Pontes’ Farm

Pontes is the only company to have its own farm. Not only a farm, but a model of production. From harvest to consignment, every step of the Pontes manufacturing journey is certified as traceable and sustainable…

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Healthy forests contribute to society and the planet, providing ecosystem services, strengthening livelihoods, providing clean water and air, helping to conserve biodiversity and responding against climate change…

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Environmental Education

Our Environmental Education Programme connects rural communities of Northeastern Brazil and everyone around the world with our Caatinga. It creates awareness of the issues impacting this biome from which we all benefit…

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