1 novembro 2023

Pontes at Climate Week NYC

We have been in NYC during the UN General Assembly week, when hundreds of countries, heads of state and thousands of other global leaders have met to discuss society's most pressing issues.

We took part in several events, such as SDGs in Brazil, Climate Week NYC, WomenLedCities and the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit, where we debated various topics that directly impact our production chain and the planet.

During the Climate Week NYC event, organized by the Climate Group in partnership with the UN Global Compact, we had the opportunity to take part in a talk on "Business sector decarbonization journey: paths towards a new net zero economy", where we brought carnauba to an international conversation. We addressed the decarbonisation of the carnauba chain and highlighted the importance of the Caatinga, a Brazilian biome still unknown to many.

We also shared the results of our research into the "Influence of management in native carnauba forests on carbon sequestration", emphasising the importance of the partnership with the Federal University of Ceará (UFC). This research is being carried out by Ruan Veras do Amaral–a master's student form the Soil Science Postgraduate Course, under the guidance of Professor Julius Blum, PhD, and co-supervisor Professor Mirian Cristina Gomes Costa, PhD.

Climate Week NYC showed us that we are on the right track in terms of collective awareness and in terms of establishing the right partnerships in order to achieve common goals and generate greater positive impact. Pontes has been working hard in this direction, emphasising the need to act quickly. After all, the main idea is clear: WE MUST ACT! No matter the barriers! And of course, always together!

The climate issue is everyone's responsibility!




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