9 janeiro 2023

Our Human Rights work continues

2022 has marked the seventh year of our Pontes para o Crescimento programme. Once again we have done everything we can to deliver on our commitment to the carnauba community and the Caatinga biome through a wide range of hands-on activities.


Since 2016, through the programme, we have undertaken initiatives designed to empower those who work in the extraction fields, encouraging better working practices and health and safety, and opening up educational opportunities. As of 2022, we have staged 78 events, hosted 258 lectures, trained over 4,000 workers, distributed over 23,500 sets of PPEs more than 10,800 educational booklets.


As a result, it gives us great satisfaction to see that, today, workers are much better informed about both their rights and duties. We have also been so pleased to witness the emergence of new producers, and to see greatly improved transparency in our supply chain.



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