Reforestation helping biome and local farmers

17 novembro 2022

Brazil’s forests are vitally important to sustaining life on Earth, and our reforestation programme
forms an essential part of our initiatives to combat climate change, with our nursery providing
seeds and seedlings of more than 30 native species for the reforestation of degraded areas.


Over 1,000 carnauba seedlings

We have propagated 5425 seedlings in 2022,
increasing our production by 8.5% and meaning
we have already achieved our goal for the year.
Over 1,000 carnauba seedlings have been
distributed by Pontes to local farmers.
This not only helps with the rejuvenation of our
biome but, with more trees yielding more carnauba
wax, assists them in increasing their income.




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Pontes Indústria