31 outubro 2023

Cultivating a sustainable future!

We believe that real change happens when we combine knowledge, awareness and action. With the Carnauba and Sustainable Development Project, we promote training, distribute handouts and PPEs, while preparing workers before the harvest begins.

This year, we were present in five locations in the states of Piauí, Maranhão, Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará. The cities have been strategically selected to become welcoming centres for many workers from the most diverse locations in those four Northeastern states, all united by the desire to improve our training programmes!

Among the topics covered were the extraction of wax powder in Northeastern Brazil, the end consumer, protection of the Caatinga's biodiversity, harvest planning, times of crisis (wars, inflation), the volume of wax exports and certifications (quality, traceability, sustainability).

To everyone who joined us on this journey, our deepest thanks for contributing to a significant change. 💚



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