Our SIPAT 2019 event was a huge success, and we’d like to share the feedback of some of the passionate members of our carnauba community who attended.

The SIPAT 2019 week was great, as it brought leisure, health and knowledge to the Pontes employees, making our week more relaxed.
The initiative of handing over Carnauba Seedlings was very important to raise awareness of the conversation of the environment and the opportunity to learn more about Carnauba.
I was very happy to be part of this company and to participate.


SIPAT 2019 brought moments of integration and leisure, together with knowledge and awareness of important topics, as well as themes related to safe work, for example, carnauba seedlings were donated, bringing employees closer to the importance of the conversation of Caatinga.


The SIPAT promoted by Pontes in 2019 was the best since I started to be part of this team, an organized event that promoted integration among all employees with programs such as training, games, donation of carnauba seedlings, health moment and knowledge about the environment. Congratulations to all of you.


Sipat 2019 was very constructive, began with the reform of our leisure/recreation area, our directors/company did not spare goodwill/kindness in improving it for our comfort and leisure. The programme started with themes focused on everything involving our raw material, followed by great lectures, physical and mental exercises. We saw union and joy in each employee who experienced this fantastic week.


Our “Sipat” 2019 was cool, very dynamic and interesting, creating in us good expectation and willingness to participate in the activities. The activities offered were great and offered to anyone who wanted to enjoy them.

Hilda Eularia

Loved the programming, very flexible and interactive. The lectures were very good and brought important information for the improvement of our work. I hope the next one is the same or better than this one.


Pontes 2019 Sipat Week was the subject of much praise from employees, from lectures to gymnastics. When there were many occasions that aroused their sense of care. The participation of all was very important for learning and also for relaxation. And moments like the donation of carnauba seedlings that emphasized sustainability and valorisation/ awareness. Not to mention the reform/refurbishment of our recreation area which has improved the environment bringing news to it, such as the library and art craft.

Matheus Araújo

I would like to thank you for the week we had. A moment of learning, relaxation, health and beauty care (essential). Interesting and valuable lectures, and fun, I loved the space reserved for women … Congratulations and thank you very much … I look forward to next year.


This year 2019, we had a wonderful week was a unique moment, Pontes provided us with happy moments, thinking about every detail of our well being, health with very fun activities, breaking the ice, bringing knowledge through interesting and productive lectures. All the knowledge was shared by the qualified professionals. They raised the importance of how one should work properly in a clean and healthy environment in every respect.

I am grateful and proud to be Pontes contributor! #ILoveTobePontes



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