Carnauba is my grandpa!

What is carnauba for the children and teenagers of our local community? For some it’s the tree itself, for other is the vase made by carnauba straws which sits on top of a table, or the broom the grandmother made from the straws for their house.

In the last community we visited this year, carnauba was recognized by its importance for biome of the region, and also for the children and teenager’s loved ones who work in the carnauba extraction field. As a child has said with a beautiful open heart: Carnauba is my grandpa.

This project brings photography classes to remote schools of our vast carnauba regions and ask them to tell us their stories. With them we reaffirm our love for the carnauba tree, very well known as tree of life, and it’s importance for our community.

Our Classes

“Carnauba for the future generation.”