What is Carnauba to the children and teenagers of our local communities?

For some it’s the tree itself. For others it is the Carnauba straw vase which sits on top of a table, or the broom of Carnauba straws that their grandmother made to sweep the house.

‘My Carnauba’ is an exciting photographic project which invites young people across our vast Carnauba regions to explore the relationship between themselves, their families and the “Tree of Life” which plays such a central part in all our lives.

In one of the communities we visited, Carnauba was talked about for its role in the biome of the region, but also for its importance to the children and teenagers’ parents and relatives, who work in the extraction fields. As one child told us with a beautiful, open heart:

Carnauba is my grandpa!

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“Carnauba for the future generation.”