Pontes Industria is a family company with a proud history founded on tradition, integrity and excellence.

A recognised investor in people and the environment, our ethos is grounded in ethical principles of bio-business, respect for people, and biodiversity.

We organise and participate in a wide range of activities involving conservation, education, and sustainable technologies, and focused on the social sustainability of local communities in the Carnauba production chain.

Through these activities and events, Pontes looks to improve the quality of life and living standards in the Carnauba communities across the northeast region of Brazil.

UEBT - The Union for Ethical BioTrade Member & Certified

UEBT - The Union for Ethical BioTrade

Pontes Indústria de Cera is very proud to become the first carnauba wax manufacturer to acquire UEBT member status and UEBT Certification “SOURCING WITH RESPECT”. Continuing to lead the market, Pontes Indústria’s commitment to UEBT’s principles and criteria reaffirms its focus on the sustainable production based on respect for people and biodiversity.

Initiative for Responsible Carnauba

Sustainable livelihoods, Carnauba production and preservation of biodiversity in northeast Brazil

Pontes Industria is a member of the Initiative for Responsible Carnauba.

The organizations participating in the Initiative for Responsible Carnauba are supporting suppliers to improve conditions in the Carnauba wax sourcing areas, as well as finding new approaches to the many social and environmental challenges in the associated industry. Ultimately, our aim is to foster a responsible Carnauba wax production that respects demands of people and helps to preserve biodiversity in the Carnauba wax producing areas in the unique semiarid (Caatinga) biome of northeast Brazil.

Pontes takes part in the Initiative as a producer of carnauba wax focused on sustainability and traceability. The company supports its supply chain with practical solutions, promoting respect for people and biodiversity.



Always ahead of the market, Pontes has been working together with the Brazilian Ministry of Labor (MPT) since 2016. In that year, Pontes firmed a formal commitment with MPT in order to combat any form of child and slave labor.





Pontes is also a member of Sedex, one of the world’s largest collaborative platforms for sharing responsible sourcing data on supply chains.



Sustainable Carnauba

Sustainable Carnauba

Pontes Indústria established a partnership with Associação Caatinga, a local NGO dedicated to the protection of carnauba, and Sindcarnaúba. This partnership, called Sustainable Carnauba, helped the company to improve and channel some of its activities, such as: placing of eco-efficient stoves, cisterns and bio-water systems in the communities, offering the technical support, printing educational materials and organising workshops for implementation of sustainable technologies and general importance of Carnauba.

Pontes para o Crescimento

More than an educational campaign, Pontes Para o Crescimento Is a collection of ideas developed to empower individuals in the carnauba extraction fields. Already in its third year of activities, the 2018 campaign is more extensive than any before. Pontes Para o Crescimento has gone the extra mile this year to show its commitment to the ethical principles of bio-business as well as its respect for people and biodiversity, all through the execution of a wide range of hands-on activities.

My Carnauba

My Carnauba promotes quality education for the children in the rural areas. In our courses, we address themes such biodiversity, sustainable lifestyle, and gender equality, as well as support the local art and culture.

Young Apprentice Program

Young Apprentice Program

In partnership with the Brazilian Government, Pontes invests in The Young Apprentice Program. This program places new students in the labor market, helping them to access knowledge in both theoretical and practical ways.

Environmentally-friendly use of natural resources

Environmentally-friendly use of natural resources

Pontes Indústria’s production process is energy self-sufficient. The process uses high-efficiency boilers that guarantee the clean burning of biomass. Boilers produce steam, which is converted into thermal, mechanical, and electrical energy. 

Additionally, the company has a water recycling system. The water cycle is supported by the use of a condensed water system, which feeds water back into the cycle. 

Pontes Indústria is committed to treating these resources with respect and to the continual process of improvement. 

United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

Our sustainability programmes address the needs of the most vulnerable people in the northeast of Brazil and the protection of our Caatinga biodiversity. We believe in affordable and simple solutions.”