“Empowerment and well-being of the individual in the Carnauba extraction fields.”

“Pontes Para o Crescimento” is much more than an educational campaign. “Pontes Para o Crescimento” is a collection of ideas developed to empower those who work in the carnauba wax extraction fields.

Recent ACHIEVEMENTS and ongoing initiatives of this year’s
campaign until August 2018:

30+ Training Events
States: Ceará, Piauí, Maranhão & Rio Grande do Norte
5000+ PPE’s and Equipments Distributed

“Pontes Indústria is working for real change.”

Third Year of Activity

Already in our third year of activity, the 2018 campaign is more extensive than any before. We have gone the extra mile this year to show our commitment to the ethical principles of bio-business and our respect for people and biodiversity, all through the execution of a wide range of hands-on activities.

Our Team

Our experience in combating all forms of slave labor has taught us the enormous importance of sharing knowledge with those actually working in the field to make sure they understand not only their own particular role in the production chain but also the importance of health care, physical integrity and, above all, their rights and duties.

The knowledge is passed on via socio-educational lectures taught by a qualified team of professionals in the areas of health and safety at work, accounting, labor legislation, and “good collection practices”.

Maximum Participation and Impact

The “Pontes Para o Crescimento” team is meeting with the workers in the fields of Ceará, Piauí, Maranhão and Rio Grande do Norte States, facilitating the participation of a greater number of people involved in the carnauba wax extraction.

Pontes has been working together with the Brazilian Ministry of Labor (MPT) since 2016 in order to combat any form of slave labor. The 2018 campaign is an extension of this work, which aims the empowerment of workers by increasing their awareness on their social importance as the only way to promote real change.

Our Activities