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The Copernicia Prunifera, the palm from which Carnauba wax is extracted, grows along rivers, valleys, and lagoons in the Brazilian Northeast, Sri Lanka, Africa and some other South-American countries.

However, it is only in Brazil, where Pontes Industria is based, that the tree is capable of producing wax.

The leaves of the Copernicia are cut during the harvest, which takes place between August and December.

The cutting is harmless to the environment and does not jeopardise the wellbeing of the palm trees. This is of primary concern for us at Pontes.

Only old leaves are cut, and new foliage then grows in time for the following harvest.

A fine powder is first produced from the leaves. The Carnauba wax is then extracted from the powder and refined, following which it can be formulated into its commercial presentation.

The quality and colour of the wax are determined by the age of the Carnauba leaves used.

At Pontes Industria, the entire process, from the selection of the raw material through to its delivery to its final customer destination, is monitored meticulously by our Quality Control team.