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Pontes is the first Carnauba Wax Manufacturer to receive Certification from UEBT that assures its local Sourcing of Carnauba wax complies with the UEBT Ethical BioTrade Standard.


Sourcing with Respect

The UEBT label for “SOURCING WITH RESPECT” is awarded to companies whose sourcing systems have met strict standards for respecting people and biodiversity. By working with UEBT, Pontes is continuously improving its ethical sourcing of Carnauba.

The UEBT label is issued by the Union for Ethical BioTrade, a non-profit association that promotes the “SOURCING WITH RESPECT” of ingredients that come from biodiversity.

Pontes’ commitments to the Carnauba wax community and the preservation of its biodiversity

Pontes undertakes initiatives to empower those who work in the extraction fields, encouraging better working practices, health and safety, and opening up educational opportunities. By 2025, we will have trained 5,000 workers.

Pontes’ Sustainability Programme focuses its activities on the sustainable development of Brazilian semi-arid region and the preservation of Caatinga Biome. By 2023, we have collected 200,000 seeds of native Caatinga species and produced 20,000 seedlings.

We share a commitment to the improvement of economic and social conditions in the local communities, which contribute to the carnauba economy. By 2024, we will have helped a rural community to transform itself into a model of sustainability practices.

Pontes establishes partnerships with institutions to develop 5 research projects to protect the biodiversity and to promote the sustainable development of Caatinga region by 2024.

Pontes’ Environmental Education Programme connects rural communities of Brazilian Northeast and everyone around the world with our Caatinga. By 2025, we will have promoted 5 environmental education activities.

Pontes ensures 100% traceable and responsible supply chain.

We promote the respect for people and biodiversity. We invest in the improvement of the quality of life and living standards in the Carnauba region.