About us

Who We Are

Pontes leads the way in the production and commercialisation of carnauba biowaxes, featuring the highest standards in terms of quality, ethics, and sustainability.

The company offers a complete line of carnauba biowaxes, suitable for the most diverse types of industrial applications.

Our focus is on developing high-quality products with added value, combining the best production results with socio-environmental sustainability.

A pioneer in socio-environmental technology and innovation aimed at developing the regional bioeconomy, Pontes contribute to the conservation of the Caatinga and the prosperity of local communities with its products.

The company’s social-environmental commitment goes far beyond mere Compliance; it endeavours to ensure that each of its initiatives may bring real benefits to the planet and society.


When choosing Pontes products, you are also buying:

– The fostering of Caatinga’s bio-economy, uniting production and conservation of a biome that has already been 46% deforested;

– Science & Technology aimed at rescuing biodiversity and the local ecosystem, with 5,000 seedlings produced each year;

– Conservation of 17,531 hectares of carnauba groves, besides the restoration of green spaces and degraded areas;

– Decent work and income for 1,114 people living in areas of high social vulnerability and low HDI within the Brazilian semi- arid;

– Sustainable development of local communities.

19th Century

Pontes’ history as carnauba wax manufacturer started in the 19th century when the family “Brasileiro Pontes” produced crude carnauba wax.


Liaderson Pontes took over the business and Pontes Industria became an internationally recognised business as a strategic carnauba wax producer.


The company built its original production site at Ceará’s Capital, Fortaleza.


The leadership of the company passed to Liaderson’s son, Domingos, who steered the operation through almost a quarter century of development and growth.


Domingos’s daughter, Lara, assumed the role of President of Pontes Indústria, and remains in the post today.


The first Carnauba wax manufacturer to be certified by ISO 9001.


The first manufacturer of Carnauba wax to be certified by FSSC.


Expansion and new innovative production systems and processes.


Pontes opened the first and unique carnauba model farm. This production site is exclusively for Organic Carnauba Wax.


“Pontes para o Crescimento” programme received Benchmarking certification.


First Carnauba company be certified Vegan.


The Bioethical Carnauba Seal assures a more ethical and sustainable carnauba wax production.


The only Carnauba company to be awarded WOB Certification by WeConnect


Our Institute Pontes Para o Crescimento has joined the UN Global Compact Brazil


Pontes' products have been awarded the Fair for Life 5-Leaf certification.


The first company of carnauba sector to achieve Carbon Neutrality in its entire operations, (Published and Verified), according to the GHG Protocol Brazil method.


Pontes Industria de Cera has joined the UN Global Compact Brazil.


Pontes presented its success case as a sustainable carnauba wax supplier during the Climate Week NYC event, organised by the Climate Group in partnership with the UN Global Compact.


Pontes’ emission reduction targets have been officially approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).


Pontes received the Gold Seal from the Brazilian GHG Protocol Programme.

Our Region and Centres

Pontes manufactures at two advanced production sites. One production site is exclusively for Organic Carnauba Wax.

These are located in Brazil’s most important Carnauba wax production region.

The strategic location guarantees the company access to the highest quality, purest raw material.


We are committed to be the best in class high quality, ethical and sustainable carnauba brand in the market, with real benefits for the planet and society, way beyond compliance.



We drive changes and lead innovation for aligning economic growth with positive impact for people and biodiversity.

For us, minimizing negative impact is not enough. With our high quality, ethical and sustainable carnauba, we create human prosperity and community development.


High Quality And Safety Guaranteed
Leadership And Innovation To Create The Best Products For People And Planet
Ethics, Traceability And Transparency
Relevant And Trusted Sustainability - Doing Less Harm Is Not Enough!
For Us, Success Is Not Defined as Being The Best In The World. Our Aim Is To Be The Best For The World, Generating Positive Economic, Social And Environmental Impacts, All Together