About us

The Carnauba Leaders

Headquartered in Ceará, Brazil, Pontes Industria de Cera Ltda is the industry leader in the sustainable and socially responsible processing, refining and trading of high quality Carnauba wax. We believe passionately in the protection and advancement of the human rights of workers in the Carnauba community, as well as in nurturing transformation and economic development for that community. The Pontes family has been at the forefront of the Carnauba industry since the 19th century.

Respecting tradition while embracing new technologies and innovative processes, every step of our manufacturing journey is certified as traceable and sustainable. We make extensive efforts to protect the environment and strengthen natural resource management.

We are the only Carnauba wax manufacturer to hold 16 certifications and seals including, alongside Organic certification, UEBT Sourcing with Respect and the Bioethical Carnauba Seal. We prioritize four of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals directly related to our core business (SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth; SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production, SDG 13 – Climate Action; and SDG 15 Life on Land). Elements of our sustainability work have positive impact on 13 of the 17 Goals of the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda.

We believe that ‘doing the right thing’ is not only desirable, but is the only way to ensure long-term business health while protecting the environment and our people. We are committed to working with our suppliers, civil society, government, national and international partners to develop a joint agenda to bring about the substantial and lasting changes required on key environmental and socio-economic challenges.

19th Century

Pontes’ history started in the 19th century when the family “Brasileiro Pontes” produced crude carnauba wax.


Liaderson Pontes took over the business and Pontes Industria became an internationally recognised business.


The company built its original production site at Ceará’s Capital, Fortaleza.


The leadership of the company passed to Liaderson’s son, Domingos, who steered the operation through almost a quarter century of development and growth.


Domingos’s daughter, Lara, assumed the role of President of Pontes Indústria, and remains in the post today.


The first Carnauba wax manufacturer to be certified by ISO 9001.


Pontes Group opened its second production site in the State of Piauí.


The first manufacturer of Carnauba wax to be certified by FSSC.


Pontes’ logo rebrand.


Expansion and new innovative production systems and processes.


First Carnauba company to receive Ethical Sourcing Certification – UEBT.


Pontes Group opened the first and unique carnauba model farm. This production site is exclusively for Organic Carnauba Wax.


“Pontes para o Crescimento” programme received Benchmarking certification.


First Carnauba company be certified Vegan.


The Bioethical Carnauba Seal assures a more ethical and sustainable carnauba wax production.


The only Carnauba company to be awarded WOB Certification by WeConnect


Our Institute Pontes Para o Crescimento has joined the UN Global Compact Brazil


Pontes' products have been awarded the Fair for Life 5-Leaf certification.


Pontes has reached the highest standard "Ethically Sourced" for the UEBT Sourcing with Respect

Our Region and Centres




Pontes manufactures at three advanced production sites. One production site is exclusively for Organic Carnauba Wax. These are located in Brazil’s two most important Carnauba wax production regions: Ceará and Piauí.

These strategic locations guarantee the company access to the highest quality, purest raw material.

The Pontes Philosophy

Ethics, Excellence and Responsibility socio-environmental

Pontes Industria believes in sustainable carnauba wax production and the possibility of encouraging transformation and economic development for the Carnauba wax community.

Every decision is taken with respect for the Carnauba tree, the symbol of the States of Ceará and Piauí, which is also known as the ‘tree of life’ because of its ‘generosity’ to all around it.

Our ethical conviction and social-environmental responsibility are complemented by a resolutely commercial commitment to excellence and to modern commercial and industrial best practices.

It is this combination that enables us to take the culture and industry of our region proudly to the world market through premium quality, high value industrial products.

Our Starlight and Prime trademark brands are commercialized on all five continents.

The goals we work towards at Pontes

To be the market leader in the industrialization and commercialization of Carnauba wax, and to have our brands recognized as hallmarks of quality and performance
To be a pioneer in taking actions that bring satisfaction to all those who are involved with our company, building lasting partnerships that spread values, enhance reputations and bring lasting benefits to all involved
To achieve sustainable results enabling us to maintain investment and innovation, working in harmony with the environment and with the local community
To promote continuous improvement in quality management systems in all processes, involving our employees and suppliers in this at all times
To ensure a unique, traceable and responsible supply chain all the way to our client’s door