14 dezembro 2022

‘5 Leaves’ certification for Pontes

Fair for Life is a product certification programme for fair trade in agriculture, manufacturing and trade.

The programme awards a mark of up to 5 ‘Leaves’, and we are delighted to say that Pontes' products have been awarded the full 5-Leaf certification. This achievement recognises our excellent performance, and makes Pontes the only carnauba manufacturer to hold 5-Leaf certification.
Fair for Life was created in 2006 by IMO Group, then taken over by Ecocert Group in 2014. The programme underwent a review and merged with Ecocert’s fair trade program. In 2017, the latest version was launched, managed by Ecocert.

In addition to its inherent concept of fair pricing, Fair for Life prioritises “responsible supply chains”, requiring recipients to have a long-term vision, make a sincere commitment and act responsibly throughout their supply chain.

The most important point of the certification is the positive impact on local development resulting from the Fair Trade Fund.

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Pontes Indústria